Elisa Di Francisca with ct Cipressa.

And in the end you can celebrate. She counted to win, he ends 63-69. THE CLASSIFICATION OF THE GROUP (click here) HUNGARY: Vojvoda 25, Benke 9, Goloman 9 ITALY: Datome 18, Biligha 11, 11 Melli from our correspondent Mario Camphor

February 27, 2019 – Milan A big party to celebrate 25 years since the United Arab Emirates: Ferrari has done it with the International Cavalcade, gathering about 100 cars with customers from 20 different countries. Now in its third edition, the International Cavalcade is a unique opportunity to experience the pleasure of driving a Ferrari along specific pathways to enhance their performance.

Ferrari on parade in the UAE that route – The route, 1,200 kilometers in three days, ideally has embraced the most precious beauty of the Emirates: from Dubai, Ferrari have traveled charming streets in the desert, climbed the hairpin bends of Mount Jabel Jais and they are arranged on parade at the foot of the Burj Khalifa, lit red for the occasion. The procession then made stops in other places symbol of the country, such as the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, and adrenaline was not missing at the Dubai Autodrome, chosen for the action on the track, and Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, the largest amusement park the region that is inspired by the emotions aroused by the Prancing Horse. Gasport

October 18, 2018 – Milan Steve Penny, 53, former head of the US gymnastics AFP The former president of the American Federation Gymnastics, Steve Penny, was arrested for forging and destroyed evidence in the case Nassar, the doctor sentenced to long prison sentences for sexual violence against female athletes of the national team. the Stop – Penny was arrested in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, and is to be extradited to Texas, where he is accused of hiding information about the activities of Larry Nassar, former physician of the US women’s team. “Police officers in the Southern District of Texas and in the Eastern District of Tennessee worked tirelessly to locate Mr. Penny, good cooperation has allowed that his arrest was quick and effective, and will now be formally indicted,” said David Jolley, police in Tennessee. “During the investigation, several sources have reported that Mr.

Penny had ordered the destruction of documents that had been kept in the Karolyi ranch when he learned that Larry Nassar was in the crosshairs of justice,” said the lawyer David Weeks. The Karolyi ranch, which takes its name from the pair of Romanian origin coaches who led the US gymnastics on top of the world, was until 2017 the main training center of the American Federation. the scandal – was in this center, located near Houston, that several gymnasts, including the absolute star of the discipline, Simone Biles, were sexually assaulted by Dr.

Nassar under the cover of alleged medical care. Penny led the American Gymnastics Federation from 2005 to 2017. He had been accused by several gymnasts did not take into account their damning testimony against Nassar.

The American gym so can not turn the page in one of the greatest scandals in the history of American sports. On Tuesday, Mary Bono, four days before appointed technical director, resigned after being criticized by several victims of Nassar. Larry Nassar was sentenced earlier this year to various long prison terms for molesting at least 265 victims, most of them minors. Gasport

February 25, 2019 – Milan No time to store the last round of Serie B midweek games are on the doorstep. It does not even stop the Red Bull B-Best, the contest organized by Red Bull together with La Gazzetta dello Sport that rewards a winner every second day about 5 categories: Carisma, Heart, Energy, Genius and Extra-Time. Here are the nominations of the day, with yet another victory of Brescia flying at the top.

E ‘can vote for the winner here. Charisma – The Venice falls last second field of Livorno, calling into question the balance in the fight salvation. But Simone Bentivoglio plays a great game substance and character, raising the dam asking him Zenga. Heart – The Croton lost 2-0 at Brescia, but Barberis, one of the Calabrian team leader, takes off the bandage eyebrow despite a dramatic cut, showing great courage and heart.

Energy – The Pescara does not fail at home against Padova and is enhanced for the Marras coast-to-coast and in great speed slips between two opponents and sowing panic through the Venetian defense. Genius – The Verona, revival, beats 1-0 Salernitana: great pass to Lee Gustafson then the conclusion is wrong, this is the stroke of genius of the day. Extra time – Victory critical of Carpi against Spezia in the most exciting game of the day: Coulibaly marks to extra-time with a crazy missile from outside the box, finding the bet by three points. Giuseppe Di Giovanni

February 10, 2019 – TURIN Grand’Italia in Turin for the Grand Prix trophy Fie “Inalpi” foil, culminating with the blue hat-trick in the female and the third place of the world champion Alessio Foconi. The rainbow Alice Volpi, repeating the success of 2015 in Turin after beating in the final Elisa Di Francisca 15-9.

The Olympic London 2012 and silver at Rio 2016, in turn, had “hijacked” the third step of the podium Francesca Palumbo, in his second podium of his career, surpassing to 15-7. “Turin is always a special race and to celebrate another victory here is beautiful – said a beaming Alice Volpi -. An all-Italian podium was a dream and I am happy to celebrate with Elisa and Francesca, especially in this new location that is truly magical. In the final against Elisa it was not easy, but I wanted to win and in the end I downloaded that scream with all the tension and even fatigue for a long race for me began at 9. Thank you to the public of Turin. ” Congratulations to @ TorinoFC_1906 and @inalpi_spa for the excellent initiative today: free entry to the Grand Prix foil for #TorinoUdinese ticket holders or grenade subscription.

Many took advantage of the exit from the stadium, beautiful idea of ​​promoting sport? pic.twitter.com/jrZf22nnZ2 – Archistadia (@archistadia) February 10, 2019 the path – Alice Volpi won the pass to the final thanks to the success in the semi-final 15-12 against Russian Anastasia Ivanova. On its way the athlete of the Fiamme Oro had started before surpassing the US Madison Zeiss 15-7, then the Under-20 blue Martina Favaretto 15-10.

Following the World Champion in office he had imposed on the French Morgane Patru 15-9 and then the quarterfinals on the German Leonie Ebert 15-8. Elisa Di Francisca had gained the confidence of his 1xbet sign up bonus second podium of the season back after maternity leave, thanks to a process that began in the qualifying round held on Friday, and on this Sunday saw the first beat the US 15-12 Jacqueline Dubrovich and then the South Korean Oh Hye Min 15-7.

At the second round, to stand in the way along the blue trail came the US titrated Lee Kiefer, topped with a thrilling 15-14 score. Elisa Di Francisca with ct Cipressa. Bizzi the quarterfinals Elisa Di Francisca had instead won the derby against Camilla Mancini 15-11.

Francesca Palumbo, the day of his 25th birthday, he gives his second career podium, whose certainty comes after a super-storm in the quarterfinals against the reigning Olympic champion, the Russian Inna Deriglazova, 15-5 defeat. It stops at the foot of the podium because 15-11 defeat in the derby against Elisa Di Francisca, Camilla Mancini, in the second round, he was right in the derby Arianna Errigo 15-12. MEN’S FOIL – Alessio Foconi finishes third in the men’s race.

To stop the blue race, which continues to be on the podium in the World Cup after the success in Paris and a third place in the stage of Tokyo, was the American Race Imboden, who in the semifinals 15-13 and has imposed that followed won the men’s race. The world champion had defeated in the quarterfinals the Olympic bronze medalist, Russia’s Timur Safin, with the score 15-12, continuing a process that began in the early morning with the victory against the Chinese Chen Li to 15-9.

In the round of 32 she was right South Korean Kim Dongsu with the score 15-9, then giving continuity to the knockout stages with success on American Nick Itkin to 15-6. It stopped instead in the quarter Giorgio Avola. The Sicilian fencer had started passing two team-mates: Damiano Rosatelli first 15-11 and then Edward Luperi 14-13.



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