Tuesday, April 12, 2005 For a Yes or a Gnon …

of Tuesday, April 12, 2005 For a Yes or a Gnon … Tuesday 12 evening, the students unions are received in the Department. Will appeasement? Yet the situation remains tense and has several high schools, including in particular the Lycee Montaigne in Paris, have been busy then riot police evicted the students who occupied them. Again, once we can engage in a media analysis exercise by comparing the versions given by LeFigaro and Humanity (and other newspapers) of the event … In connection with these events, the rector of Paris expressed his concerns about the success rate in the bachelor of several Parisian high schools, victims of "serious disruption" caused for over a month by opponents students to the Fillon law. Go, if we spoke again of taking the account of a part of continuous assessment? Good reading… ——————————————— – Release of 12/04/05 Slavery: France to regain the memory Raffarin is expected to announce the introduction of a day to commemorate this crime against humanity. Who will be more present in textbooks. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- – Le Figaro 12/04/05 the lycee Montaigne stormed by a handful of diehards the occupation of schools by opponents of the Fillon law has stalled yesterday, except in Paris lycee Montaigne invaded by hundreds irreducible. A thousand students have participated in blockages in twelve high schools, according to the Ministry of Education. Two new national mobilization days, however, are scheduled for tomorrow and Thursday, including the National Coordination schoolgirl. Read more article: Teachers and parents support the movement Are the students handled? They, at least, show their independence. Despite the memories of anti-globalization demonstrations in which some participated with their parents, they continue to declare themselves "apolitical". Teachers or parents who support the practice a well-rehearsed speech. But Montaigne, the souhaitanttravailler students denounce activism of some teachers. "We have a philosophy teacher who preaches revolution during class. He wants to encourage the class struggle to abolish capitalist society "is exasperated Alexander, high school senior. "It’s because of him that some began to campaign in student unions," he says. […] Representative of the SNES, Christine Schimmer, professor of literature, provided yesterday to organize a general meeting with other teachers of the school to support the movement. Francoise Docquiert mother of two students and a member of the Parents’ Federation (CIPF), deplored, in turn, that "Fillon (want to) hear nothing." Read the rest of the article ——————————————- the Humanity of 12/04/05 When citizenship is a combat sport Rude learning to fight for students Adolphe-Cherioux, Vitry homework market
. When the first students to form a belt before one of the entrances of the establishment, at 7: 30 pm yesterday, they will certainly not suspect a couple of hours later they would be evicted by force. That of Mr. Adjouel, the principal, in his many attempts, was not enough. The teacher then issued an ultimatum: "I’ll call the police! "After the events of last week, the gesture is immediately received as an affront. Increasing among the most exasperated, the desire to do battle with riot police, emissaries of a government that despises them for almost three months. Read More Article initiatives Letters to the President before the new day of mobilization of students and the general presidential rout on the constitution, both scheduled for Thursday in Paris, the main high school organizations decided to write to Jacques Chirac. In a letter signed by its general secretary, Coralie Caron, the Independent and Democratic Federation schoolgirl (LDIFs) calls the president "a strong gesture towards the next generation of citizens" and stressed "the urgency of the situation." For their part, the UNL and the UNEF denounced the "sham democracy" that is according to them the cathodic presidential show on Europe. "You claim to want to do work of teaching, to listen to a young yet you do not worry about everyday," say the two organizations. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- ——— Le Parisien 12/04/05 far will the students? While the movement against the School Act seems flex, institutions have been busy yesterday. In Paris, riot police evicted, sometimes forceful way, the protesters holed Montaigne. The standoff hardens … Read more article in Lille, parents complain NORTHERN the movement of students is currently suspended … due to school holidays. The most motivated students, however, plan to meet during these holidays to prepare new actions when they return to class – 25 … Read more of the article "The repression favors ultras" MAYOR eighteenth, Daniel Vaillant was the Interior Minister Lionel Jospin. In some schools, the government is giving CRS … Daniel Vaillant. With the students, we never rule anything involving CRS … Read More Article Clashes with riot police Montaigne THE STREET Auguste Comte, wedged between the Lycee Montaigne and the Luxembourg gardens, looked more a battlefield than a quiet street of the sixth district yesterday. By 8 am, CRS and students clashed. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– the Cross of Nothing seen … 12/04/05 ——————————– —————- 20 minutes from 12/04/05 Montaigne wrote a new page in protest schoolgirl the students of Ile-de-France are angry against the Fillon law. Yesterday, Andre-Cherioux school in Vitry-sur-Seine (94) has been blocked, as eleven Seine-Saint Denis institutions where classes have however been maintained. In the Val-d’Oise, the police carried out the arrest of eleven young people attending rallies. In Paris, four high schools have been disrupted, but Montaigne (6th) that the mobilization was strongest. Read more of the article students are resisting High school students are diversifying to fight against the Fillon law. Meanwhile a new day of action scheduled for Thursday, the students would not let up. A human chain of 200 to 300 students was formed in Albi yesterday to protest against police repression last week. Fifty young people is mounted on the roof of Montaigne Parisian high school, before being evacuated in late afternoon. In Ile-de-France, a dozen institutions were still blocked. In Auch and Alencon, high schools were also occupied. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— West of France 12/04/05 A civic exam to become french There will no longer suffice to know french. Candidates for French citizenship must undergo a citizenship exam. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— Le Monde 13/04/05 on May 10, shared memory day slavery around the compromise for the annual celebration of the "day of memories of the slave trade, slavery and their abolition "has finally settled on the date of 10 May. Not that the victory of former President Mitterrand, who paid tribute to Scholes, the Pantheon, when he came to power, but on 10 May 2001. On that date, the French Parliament passed the bill of MP Christiane Taubira from Guyana, itself born of mixed blood, of recognition _ for the first time in Europe _ of "slavery and the slave trade as crimes against humanity." Read more of the article Chronicle of Eric Fottorino Good points Having chosen this weekend as privileged confidant of a schoolgirl of almost 7 years, student of CP and proud to grow, the honor was done to us can open a magic box. One of these boxes secrets, school, arouse desires and delights when they are full, and desolation when they ring hollow desperately. No, it’s not candy, though his regular filling can prove the adults some concessions treats the passage in front of the bakery. This box, frankly, is probably one of the last vestiges of the secular and republican school that knew our parents, parents, grandparents and distant ancestors. Admittedly, it took the colors of his time, namely decorated in shades a psychedelic nothing in pink and yellow, branded Diddl for not naming it. Inside, however, only the known, the same archiconnu. A repeat of the story, which is not La Fontaine, carrot and the stick. Here, rather it is in the core. Especially a bewildered rabbit wanders in there free. It is time to explain. In this case good points to cram course said good points, brilliantly conquered in reading, writing and recitation, less often in mental arithmetic. The price is known and small thinking anonnantes heads: after ten good points, a small picture (to be held in the magic box). After ten pictures won the mistress offers great image. Read more of the article The rector of Paris worried about the results of the baccalaureate The rector of Paris has announced, Tuesday, April 12, its concerns about the success rate in the Bachelor of several Parisian high schools, victims of "serious disturbances" caused for over a month by opponents of the Fillon law. His spokesman cited in particular Montaigne schools (6th district), Balzac (17th), Paul Valery (12th) and Sophie Germain (4th), saying "irretrievable" delays in the current terminal. "The Bachelor is too close and there is a fortnight’s holiday. In six or seven high schools in Paris, it worries us to the highest point for all courses that jumped will not be caught," stressed the spokesman. […] Read more of the article schools blockages marking time blockages and colleges of occupations stalled, Monday, April 11, while the spring school holidays have started in some academies. At the Ministry of Education, it was reported that there remained a dozen institutions occupied Monday, all located in Paris and the Paris region, with the exception of one, in Toulouse. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- – Posted by Watrelot on Tuesday, April 12, 2005



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